How To Sync a Sony Sound Bar With TV Remote

February 6, 2021 by seo123

You can sync the Sony sound bar with your TV remote using HDMI CEC and control the soundbar and TV from the same remote.

In Sony soundbars and TVs, this feature is also known as Bravia Sync. It is a convenient way to control sound bar and TV from the same remote but you may get limited controls for sound bar when using TV remote.

All you need is to check the eligibility of Bravia sync and get an HDMI cable.

Which Controls You Get From TV Remote?

Depending upon your soundbar and TV model, you are not going to get all the controls. There are limited but almost all the most widely used controls available from TV remote.

These are the few controls mostly available:

  • Turn volume up or down
  • Turn sound bar ON/OFF
  • Navigate to menus
  • Control playback operations

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Syncing Sony Sound Bar With TV Remote

If the sound bar and TV are compatible with Bravia sync, follow the below steps.

  • Make sure sound bar and TV are connected using HDMI cable.
  • Enable “Control for HDMI” on both your TV and sound bar
  • Finally, press “Sync Menu” on the TV remote, go to HDMI Device selection, select your sound bar and you are ready to go.

HDMI Control on Sony Sound Bar

HDMI control on sony sound bars can be enabled by the following steps. If I have Sony HT-X9000F/Z9F sound bar, then:

  • From your sound bar remote press Home button
  • Go to setup
  • Go to advanced settings
  • Select HDMI settings
  • Go to controls for HDMI and set it to ON

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What if I am not using HDMI connection?

Using HDMI ARC connection, you can control volume and power etc of your sound bar from the TV remote. But what if you are not having or using HDMI connection.

Another option that can also work is to check if your TV has infrared remote. Then you can programme your sound bar to work with TV remote. You can take help from the manual or support of your sound bar in this regard.

By following the above steps, you can easily sync Sony sound bar with TV remote and control different settings and volume from the TV remote.

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