Sony Sound Bar Won’t Turn ON With TV Solved

January 30, 2021 by seo123

If your Sony sound Bar is also not turning ON even when your TV is turned ON, this article is right for you. It covers Sony soundbars that have HDMI connectivity.

When you have connected Sony sound bar to TV using HDMI CEC, both the TV and sound bar can be controlled from the TV remote. HDMI CEC is also called BRAVIA SYNC.

If your TV is on but sound bar is not turning ON, follow the below steps to get everything working.


You need to change this setting on your TV. Your sound bar may not turn ON if this option is OFF.

The proper method for changing this setting depends upon the model of your TV. We have described a general method below. You can seek guidance from the manual of your TV or ask their support if you are unable to find this option.

Go to the settings, watching TV and then external inputs. From there, select BRAVIA Sync settings and set it to ON/enabled.

Enable Automatic OFF on TV

In BRAVIA Sync settings, if you find any option related to automatic ON, turn this to ON or automatic.

It may not be available on your TV. The name may vary depending upon the model of TV. Ignore it if this option is not available.

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Turn ON HDMI Control on Soundbar

You need to turn ON the controls for HDMI on your soundbar. This method varies for every model of soundbar but you can easily find it.

In some models of sony soundbars, you need to go to settings, advanced settings, and then HDMI settings where you can find HDMI controls and turn it ON.

While in some models of Sony sound bars, you need to press and hold the voice button for at least 5 seconds. USB indicator then flashes twice indicating that HDMI is turned ON.

Enable Automatic OFF on Sound Bar

When you go to HDMI settings, you may find the option of Automatic OFF. Set this option to automatic or ON.

You may not find this option in your sound bar. Its availability varies from one soundbar to another.

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After changing the above settings, everything should go fine. Sometimes, you may not get things working because of some other settings.

Which settings are culprits may be difficult to find. The best solution is to reset your Sony soundbar settings first and if it did not work, reset your TV settings also. There could be some hardware issues if things don’t work after doing this all.

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