How To Take Apart Speakers with no Screws

August 10, 2021 by seo123

The speakers with screws are easy to take apart. You just open all the screws and separate the speaker. You may want to open a speaker if it is not working properly or sounding odd. But, some speakers have no screws at all. In such a situation, you feel confused that how to take apart these speakers.

Hold on, that’s not a big matter. We are here to help you. By the end of this article, you will be able to take apart your speaker with no screws.

Taking Apart A No Screw Speaker enclosed In A Wooden Box

Usually, the speakers with no visible screws have hidden screws beneath their outer casing. Another possibility is that the parts are glued together, especially if the speakers have a wooden enclosure.

There are different methods for each type of speaker. For example, a traditional speaker having a wooden enclosure is most likely glued. You have no option to open it except to break the wooden box. Just break the wooden box using a hard thing and take the speaker out.  Be sure to break it gently so that you may not harm the speaker inside. Once the wooden casing is broken, you can fix the speaker.  After preparing, you can place the speakers into another wooden box.

Taking Apart A No Screw Speaker With Plastic Covering

The speakers with plastic enclosures have hooks that are fixed in the holes. In addition, glue is also applied to fix them firmly. But, they are simple to open.

When you observe carefully, you notice that there is a little gap between the outer plastic covering and the speaker box. They both are joined together at the four corners through hooks.

You need a Philips screwdriver. Place the screwdriver between this gap and pull it away from you. Repeat the same process with the other three corners of the speaker. This will pull out the hooks from the holes. Now, you can pull the outer plastic covering from the main body.

Removing the plastic casing reveals the speaker itself. The speaker has four screws around it. You need to open them up. Now, you can remove the speaker driver from its box. The speaker has wires attached to it. You can fix your speaker easily.

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Closing the Speaker Box

You can close the speakers in the same way. Place the speaker in its location and close all the screws tightly. Next, put the outer plastic covering on the speaker box. Insert the hooks in the holes properly. Apply some pressure to close it firmly.

Hope you have learned to take apart speakers with no screws. If you have any questions or another best way to open such speakers, leave your feedback.

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