iPhone X Microphone Muffled, 9 Fixes

August 11, 2021 by seo123

Sometimes, you may face the issue of muffled voice while calling via iPhone X. The other person feels trouble in hearing or your voice reaches muffled. If this issue occurs only a few times, it may be due to weak signals. But, if it persists then surely your iPhone X microphone has some fault. Here we have come with 9 solutions if your iPhone X microphone has muffled.

However, you can fix the little issues at home. In this article, we suggest some easy and helpful solutions. We have sorted out all the issues and their solutions. Before working on the solutions, you need to find out the real problem. For this purpose, you need to perform some simple tests.

Perform Some Microphone Tests

The first and foremost thing is to examine the microphones. The latest iPhone models have three microphones; top, rear, and bottom. You need to perform some quick tests that will tell you the mic condition. Test each microphone individually.

First, record a short video using the front camera. Now, record another brief video using the rear camera. Next, play the videos and focus on the sound. If the sound in each video is clear and distortion-free, both the rare and front microphones are healthy.

You can check the bottom microphone through the voice memo app. By using this app record a voice note. Be sure that the bottom mic is closer to your mouth. Now, play the note to check the quality of the audio. If the voice is crystal clear then this mic is also fine.

In this way, you can confirm which microphone has a problem with it. If all three microphones are working fine then it is a software issue. If any of these gives a muffled voice, it needs to be checked specifically.

1. Clean the Microphone of Your iPhone X

Dust or debris accumulated in the mic port can create a muffled voice. Tiny dust particles block the sound. Usually, people do not bother to clean the microphone. You will be amazed to see how much dirt it traps.

You should regularly clean the microphones of your iPhone X. Use a dry and new toothbrush to clean the microphone. Move the brush slowly over the mic grill. Tap the microphone gently and blow off the dust. Now, check the voice again by making a call or by recording a sound.

2. Disconnect All the External Devices

A Bluetooth device may be connected to your iPhone. It can interrupt the voice and makes it muffled. Sometimes, the wireless earbuds connect automatically to the iPhone.

So, when you receive a call, the voice comes distorted. Keep your iPhone disconnected from other devices. Disconnect your iPhone if it is connected to any Bluetooth speaker or to your car’s system.

3. Check Your iPhone X Cover

An incompatible protecting case also causes muffled voices. Do not use a cheap or third-party covering case for your iPhone X. Because they may not be well-designed and cannot fit your iPhone X properly.

Make sure that the holes in the cover are compatible with the microphone. A slightly loose cover also creates problems. The voice from the microphone bounces off and does not reach your ear.

So, you should check whether the protective cover is fit for your iPhone X or not. Sometimes, people hold their phones in the wrong position. So, they are likely to keep their fingers on the microphone.

This blocks the voice. It may seem a ridiculous idea but it happens in many cases.  Hence, you should also consider this point. Your iPhone holding angle is important.

4. Allow Microphone Access to Apps

If you are facing the issue of muffled voice only on certain apps. For example, the voice gets muffled while making calls through WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, or any other app. There is an issue with in-app permissions. You have to enable access to the microphone for these particular apps.

You can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the settings on your iPhone X.
  2. Navigate to ‘Privacy’ settings.
  3. Tap on Microphone and turn on the microphone access for your favorite apps

5. Disable Noise Cancellation System

There is an automatic noise cancellation system in iOS. The system works when you hold the phone near your ear during a call. It reduces the ambient noise on calls. This system is helpful in many cases but can create problems for you at times.

For example, if you are talking on call while lying on the bed, the sound gets muffled. Turning off this system can solve the issue of the muffled microphones. Follow these steps to turn off the noise cancellation system on your iPhone X.

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone X.
  2. Tap on the ‘Accessibility’ and select ‘Audio/Visual.
  3. Now, turn off the Noise Cancellation feature.

You can check the microphone by making a call or recording a voice note. If this trick does not work then try another one.

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6. Restore Default Settings on Your iPhone X

A change in the settings may be the reason for muffled voices. Possibly, you have selected the wrong settings. You should notice at which point the problem began. Perhaps, you have recently customized some settings and the microphone started giving muffled voices.

Try changing all the settings to the previous state. But, if you do not remember altered settings exactly, you can reset your iPhone X. Try a soft reset first, it will not delete your personal data or media files. However, the Wifi password and App passwords are deleted. In addition, the customized settings are restored to the default.

Let us start the process:

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone X.
  2. Select General settings.
  3. Tap on the ‘Reset’ option and next on the ‘reset all settings’.

It reboots your iPhone. Now, do some microphone tests to check its performance.

7. Update iPhone X to the Latest iOS Version

An outdated iOS software also causes many issues. The muffled iPhone X microphone may be due to an outdated version. So, you should update your iPhone X to the latest iOS version.

The recent Apple iOS 13 is not an ideal software. Many users complain that it has bugs. The iOS 13 may be a reason for the muffled voice on your iPhone X.

We recommend that you should update your iPhone X to the latest iOS version. This process is very easy and simple.

  1. Open the Settings on your iPhone X.
  2. Go to General settings.
  3. Scroll to ‘Software Update’ and check for the latest iOS version.
  4. Click on ‘download’ to update the software of your iPhone X.

Check the microphone performance after completing the process.

8. Restore Factory Settings on Your iPhone X

The factory reset solves many issues. Because bugs or malware affect the software of your iPhone X. Therefore, it cannot work efficiently. The hard reset or factory reset deletes all the data stored in the internal memory of the device.

It is just like cleaning your room and throwing away all the extra or useless things. So, your room looks tidy and spacious. This example is just to give you an idea.

If you have tried all the tricks but your iPhone X is still giving a muffled voice then you should go for a hard reset. But, be sure to backup all the important data.

Let us start the process:

  1. First of all back up the data on your iPhone X.
  2. Next, go to Settings and open General settings.
  3. Navigate further and click on ‘Reset’. It will show you different options.
  4. Select ‘erase all content and settings.
  5. It requires the passcode of your iPhone X. Confirm the factory reset by entering the passcode.

Your iPhone X will reboot automatically. Now, check the microphone by performing the previously mentioned tests.

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9. Consult Apple or a Professional

If none of the above solutions works then there is some complex issue in your iPhone X. Perhaps, the hardware is damaged or the software has some serious problem. Do not perform any further actions.

Just directly seek Apple Support. They can sort out the real problem and its solution. If your iPhone X is still under warranty, you should avail of the opportunity. The company will repair it free of cost.

Another option is to consult a technician who is an iPhone expert. But, be sure to consult a reliable person.

Final Words

So, we have recommended 9 solutions if your iPhone X microphone is muffled. Sometimes, the device has a minor problem that can be solved easily. But, an intricate issue requires more effort. Maybe your iPhone X has come in contact with water or dropped down on a solid surface. These mishaps can damage the internal system of the microphone. However, you should try your best before going to seek technical support. If nothing works then you must consult a professional.

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