The Vizio Sound Bar HDMI ARC Not Working Solved

January 12, 2021 by seo123

If you have connected your Vizio soundbar to TV using HDMI ARC but it is not working, there are many reasons for it. HDMI ARC sometimes stops working and even it does not work for the first time you are connecting soundbar to TV.

Before you start, make sure that both the TV and soundbar are ARC compatible. If one of these is not ARC compatible even if it has HDMI port, you will not be able to connect them together.

Some solutions below will help you solve the HDMI ARC issue on the Vizio soundbar.

Disconnect other HDMI devices

Your TV may have devices other than soundbar. So, disconnect if any and connect only your soundbar. The problem you are facing is mostly a CEC issue. When you disconnect other devices, it will prevent other HDMI CEC devices from causing any issue.

Right HDMI ARC Port

Some Vizio soundbars have more than one HDMI ports but all are not ARC. Make sure you have plugged into the right HDMI ARC port. You should check on both ends and also make sure the HDMI cable is working. Otherwise, you can try using another cable.

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Enable CEC

Although it is not very important to enable CEC. However, you should enable CEC by going into the “Menu” of the TV. Then select HDMI ARC from the remote of soundbar. Run a scan from your TV and check if the soundbar displays or not.


You should check and update both of your soundbar and TV to the latest software version. Sometimes out-dated software versions also cause connectivity issues. You can take official help or search on Google regarding updates.

Resetting Soundbar and TV

If none of the above methods are solving your problem, the better solution is to reset both the devices. You can read our guide to reset the Vizio soundbar and search for your TV on Google.

After restoring settings of both devices, you can connect them using HDMI cable and make required changes. It will end any hidden settings causing HDMI ARC connectivity issues.

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Connecting to another TV

To make sure. whether the problem is with soundbar or TV, you can connect the Vizio soundbar to another TV. If the soundbar works with other TV, there could be problem with your TV. Either the port is damaged or some settings are needed for HDMI ARC to work. In this case, you can take help from the manual of your TV.

Final Words

If all these things do not solve your problem and your Vizio sound bar HDMI ARC still not working, you can either connect using another method or contact Vizio support. They will solve the problem and if possible they will replace the soundbar.

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