Bluetooth Pairing Not Working on Vizio Sound Bar Solved

January 17, 2021 by seo123

If Bluetooth pairing is not working on your Vizio Sound Bar, it can be solved either by resetting the soundbar or following a few simple tricks.

You face Bluetooth pairing issues when there is a change in settings on Sound Bar or source device. It also happens when you are making a mistake while pairing both devices.


If you are following the right way but still Bluetooth pairing is not working, below are a few tips that can help you. After reading this guide you will surely pair your Vizio sound bar with any Bluetooth device if there is no hardware issue on both sides.

Steps to solve Bluetooth pairing issue on Vizio soundbar.

Restart both devices

Sometimes a temporary error on Vizio sound bar or source device (mobile, tablet, computer, laptop, tv, or any other Bluetooth compatible device) causes pairing issue. Restart the source device and Vizio soundbar and try again to pair.

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Already paired devices

If you are trying to pair your Vizio soundbar with a smartphone, check the list of already paired devices on your phone. Sometimes, the mobile has reached the limit and cannot add any new device. Remove some devices from the list of already paired devices and then try to pair Vizio soundbar.

Sound Bar is not connected to any other device

Make sure that your Vizio soundbar is not already connected to any other device using Bluetooth. If you are not sure, you can reset it.

Bluetooth Range

Every soundbar has its own Bluetooth range. Vizio sound bars mostly have 30 feet range. Make sure you are in the range and anything is not blocking the way. When there is a problem with Bluetooth pairing, you should bring both the source device and Vizio sound bar within one-foot range.

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Forget/Unpair and again pair

Sometimes, you can see your Vizio sound bar in the Bluetooth menu on your source device but cannot send audio to the sound bar. It is due to a scratch and you need to forget the sound bar from source device and then pair it again. After forgetting, you should turn OFF and then ON Bluetooth on the source device.

Pairing issue with PC

Sometimes you may need to download and install particular drivers to pair your computer with Vizio soundbar using Bluetooth. Most of the PCs can connect, but it is an important point when pairing with a PC. You can search for drivers on google. You will rarely face this issue when pairing Vizio Sound Bars.

Move away from other wireless devices

See if there are other wireless devices working around. Some of these may cause interference with Bluetooth pairing. Keep away all these devices or try pairing by moving away from them. For example, if there are wireless security cameras that are interfering, you may need to move away.


If none of the above solutions work for you and you are still experiencing Bluetooth pairing issues, the final solution is to reset the Vizio sound bar. Resetting will solve any issue with settings and applying the above steps if needed you will be able to pair your sound bar.

Pairing with another device

If your Vizio sound bar is not pairing with a particular device, you should try pairing it with another device. It will make sure that there is no problem with soundbar.

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Right Method of Bluetooth Pairing

Wrong method of pairing is also a cause of Bluetooth pairing issue. You may be doing it in the right way but we have revised the right method of pairing. In almost all the Vizio sound bars, the process is same.

  • On your Vizio sound bar or remote, press and hold the Bluetooth button for about 5 seconds
  • Check that the LED indicator is flashing up and down on the front panel of soundbar.
  • If LED is flashing, your Vizio sound bar is in pairing mode. It will stop when paired.
  • Search for your particular Vizio sound bar on the source device like your smartphone.
  • Click on the Vizio sound bar and pair with it,
  • Play audio from the source device and check if it plays through the sound bar.

This was everything you need to know. Hope this guide will help you in pairing your Vizio sound bar to any other Bluetooth device.

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If Bluetooth pairing is still not working on your Vizio sound bar, you should contact Vizio support and they will guide you better about the problem.

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