Vizio Sound Bar Lights Flashing Up and Down Solved

January 7, 2021 by seo123

Sometimes Vizio sound bar lights start flashing up and down. Your sound bar will not work and you may be wondering whether it is a hardware or software problem.

As Vizio sound bars come with many controls allowing you to customize the settings according to your liking. These settings sometimes went wrong or cause an issue in your sound bar.

If your vizio sound bar is also flashing up and down, you may be facing some problems like no sound or something like this.

This problem can happen with all the Vizio sound bars but all of them will not encounter same issue if lights are flashing up and down.

How to solve lights flashing up and down in Vizio sound bar?

First of all, keep in mind that there is no hardware issue. The issue is only with settings.

Firstly, you can turn OFF and then back ON your Vizio soundbar. It sometimes solves the issue but mostly not.

Secondly, you can change any settings you made last time since when lights started flashing up and down.

If both the above solution did not work, you will need to restore your Vizio sound bar. Resetting will erase all the settings you made but your sound bar will be working again. Read our guide to reset Vizio sound bar.

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You can also take help from the video below.

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