The Vizio Sound Bar Subwoofer Keeps Cutting Out

March 12, 2021 by seo123

Do you have a Vizio soundbar with a subwoofer? Does the subwoofer of your Vizio soundbar keeps cutting out? If you are also facing such issues, don’t worry as we are here with good solutions.

Vizio is one of the best and famous soundbar brands. Many different models of Vizio are loved by people from time to time.

Unlike its competitors like JBL, Sony, Samsung, etc. it offers very good soundbars with awesome quality and reasonable price.

But as usual, there are always some problems with any device and same is the case with Vizio soundbars. Many Vizio soundbars keep cutting out and some also have subwoofers that start cutting out though the soundbars continue working.

Your subwoofer will also cut out for a second or more and then come back. However, when it cuts out, the soundbar will keep working.

Although you will still hear the sound from the soundbar when the subwoofer cuts out, it destroys all your listening experience.

And frequent cutting out is horrible. When only the subwoofer cuts out while the soundbar keeps working, the problem may be only with the subwoofer.

Why does this problem occur?

In most cases, such problems occur with old soundbars. Some new Vizio soundbars also cause this issue. Even Vizio soundbars out of the box come with such problems.

We do not guarantee anything to work for you. However, some of our tips may help you get your subwoofer working back.

Getting Rid of Cutting Out Problems

There are a few solutions to get rid of this issue. There are more chances to get rid of the issue if your soundbar is new or a little old.

Confirm Pairing

First of all, confirm that your subwoofer is paired and does not get unpaired. There are very few chances for this issue but you still need to check to continue to the next steps.

Subwoofer Placement

Make sure your subwoofer is placed near the Vizio soundbar. If it is a little away, you can bring it close for testing and if the problem solved, you may place it where you want.

Interference in the Signals

Check if there are other WiFi, Bluetooth, or any wireless signals interfering. Such signals sometimes cause sound cutting out issues. For testing, you should place your soundbar where there are no other signals.

Changing the Audio Input Method

You should also try changing the audio input method of your Vizio soundbar. For example, you can switch from HDMI to Optical cable or connect your mobile to the soundbar to find the culprit.

Resetting the Soundbar

There may be some settings corrupted that prevent your soundbar to work properly. You can reset your Vizio soundbar to its default settings so that there left nothing to worry about the settings.

Update Firmware

Sometimes outdated software also causes problems. You should check if you are using the latest firmware. The soundbar manual can help you in this regard.

Contact Vizio Support

One of the best solutions is to contact Vizio support as they can better guide you according to the model of your soundbar. If after trying the above steps, your Vizio Sound Bar Subwoofer still keeps cutting out, you should contact support. You can deeply explain your problem and one of their experts will better guide you.

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