iPhone Charging Port Not Working, Solved

August 12, 2021 by seo123

It is a very frustrating experience if your iPhone charging port is not working. There are many reasons behind this issue. Some causes are so minor that we usually ignore them. For example, sometimes the debris accumulated in the charging port prevents your iPhone from charging. Apparently, it seems a trivial thing but it can put you in great trouble.

However, there may be some major reasons like a bad battery, defective charger, charging cable, or broken charging port.

This article is a complete guide for you if your iPhone charging port is not working. We will consider all reasons and their solutions one by one.

1. Defective Charger

Obviously, a charger is the most important thing to charge your iPhone. So, your first task is to check whether your charger is functioning or not. Check the connector pins and cable. The cable gets frayed or bent and cannot pass the current properly. The best way to check the charger is by charging your iPhone using another charger. If the other charger works on your iPhone then you should buy a new charger.

A Magnetic charger is the best one for an iPhone. This charger locks into the iPhone charging port. So, it avoids tripping over the charging cable. Sometimes, you need to use the phone during charging and put stress on the charging cord. It gets tripped or damaged by continuous stretching. But, the magnetic charger does not break like the common charger. So, you can use them lifelong.

Never buy a cheap or low-quality charger for your iPhone. Because the low-quality charger overcharges the battery of your iPhone and can also damage the charging port. An Apple-approved charger is the best for iPhone. 2.1 is the maximum and standard approved amperage for an iPhone. You should always follow the standard guidelines.

2. Dirty Charging Port

It is one of the major reasons for charging issues. Generally, people do not clean their phone’s ports. The small dust particles accumulate in the charging port or in other holes. This debris or dust prevents the charger from connecting firmly. So, this negligence may be a cause your iPhone charging port is not working.

Do not forget to turn off your iPhone before cleaning the charging port. Use metal tweezers or a small brush to clean the charging port of your iPhone. You can also use a bobby pin or sim card tool. Be gentle so that you may not damage the port.

Avoid using toothpicks or any other delicate object because they can break inside to add to your trouble. Blow off the dirt in the charging port. Now, connect the charger again and check whether your iPhone charges or not.

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3. Non-functional Power Outlet

Another reason is the defective wall power outlet. The power outlet may not be delivering voltage efficiently or your charger may not connect firmly.

Some power outlet plugs or sockets are not designed to hold a charger. When you insert the charger into the socket, it keeps on swinging. The charger connects and disconnects repeatedly. This situation can damage the charging port or charger.

So, you should change the power outlet. Be sure to plug in the USB wall adapter and charging cable firmly. Choose a power outlet in which your iPhone charger fits the best.

4. Reset your iPhone

If both your charger and charging port are in good condition and still your iPhone is not charging, go for a reset. The issue in iPhone software may be the reason it is not charging. Because the software controls all the functions and decides when to charge the phone. The software crash can be identified by the screen as it does not turn on.

You need to soft reset and hard reset your iPhone. But, the method is different for different models of iPhone. Let us know how can you perform a soft reset and hard reset functions on your iPhone.

How to Soft Reset Your iPhone?

  1. Hold the power button and the home button unless the Apple logo appears on the screen. This method works for iPhone 5, 5C, SE models.
  2. To soft reset iPhone 6-8 models, press and hold the power/lock button or the volume down button unless the screen shows the apple logo.
  3. For iPhone X-11, SE 2020 models, press and hold the power/lock button or the volume up/down button unless you see the Apple logo.

How to Hard Reset Your iPhone?

Hard reset means restoring to the factory settings. It deletes all the data saved on your device. SO, make sure to back up your data before a hard reset. You can back up your iPhone data through iCloud or iTunes. The method of hard reset is the same for every model of iPhone. Let us start the process.

  1. GO to settings on your device.
  2. Click on ‘general settings’ and scroll the list to select the ‘reset’.
  3. Now, select “erase all content and settings”.

This will reset your iPhone to factory settings. Now, connect the charger.

5. The Damaged iPhone Charging Port

The charger is okay and you have also cleaned the charging port but still, your iPhone is not charging. Possibly, the charging port is damaged. But, you may not recognize the faults in the charging port. So, you should get the help of a professional to repair the charging port.

Do not try to do it yourself if you do not have any prior knowledge. Repairing or replacing the charging port does not cost you much. But, back up your important data before getting the charging port repaired.

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Final Words

So, we have told you five solutions. You should try the primary solutions first if your iPhone charging port is not working. If these solutions do not work then go for repairing the charging port. We recommend that you should seek reliable professional support. We hope this guide helped you in solving the issue of your iPhone not charging.

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