iPhone Showing Charging But Battery Percentage Not Increasing

August 13, 2021 by seo123

Is your iPhone showing a battery icon but not increasing the percentage? Does the battery get stuck? No matter, how long you charge your iPhone, the battery percentage does not increase? Sometimes, the phone heats up or shuts down while streaming. There are different reasons for this issue. If your iPhone is also showing charging but its battery percentage is not increasing, stay tuned and we will guide you thoroughly.

Two major causes are problems in software or hardware. But, there may be different types of issues in both categories. For example, fault in the motherboard, battery, charging port, settings, or background drainage. We suggest you some useful tips that can solve this issue.

iPhone Software Issues and Solutions

Before going to check the hardware or replacing its components, you should check for problems in the software. Sometimes, the phone gets stuck due to some malware. Resetting the settings and refreshing the iPhone solve the issue. If your iPhone is new and its battery percentage is not increasing while charging, possibly it has software issues.

1. Battery Drainage by Apps  

A lot of apps running in the background drain the battery fast. This may be a reason why your iPhone battery percentage is not increasing. You can check the background running apps very easily. Closing them may solve the issue of charging on your iPhone. Here are some other useful tips and tricks that can fix the charging issue on your iPhone.

  • Simply swipe up to close all background running apps.
  • Quick refresh your iPhone to release the data.
  • Delete all the extra apps that you no longer need.
  • Delete useless photos, videos, or other extra media files.
  • Turn off notifications from unimportant apps.
  • Update the latest software version.

These tricks help to unburden your iPhone. Removing all the useless apps and data can increase battery efficiency. This solution works in many cases.

2. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting is also a helpful trick and solves many issues. Even if your iPhone is working slow or gets stuck at times, restarting works magic. So, restart your iPhone by powering it off and turning it on again. Now, check the battery percentage again. If this does not work, move on to the next step.

3. Turn on Airplane Mode

This trick can solve your problem if your iPhone battery is not charging. The data signals may be consuming the battery. Keep your iPhone on Airplane during charging. The battery will charge fast and within a very short time. Hopefully, this solution works if there is no hardware issue.

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4. Reset the Settings on Your iPhone

This solution is very helpful. Resetting the settings can change things. It takes only a few minutes and does not delete your media files. Although your favorite settings change yet you can reset them again. For example, you have to reset tones, wallpaper, notifications, home screen, and some other minor settings.

If your iPhone does not have a hardware problem then this solution will surely fix the battery. Let us now understand how you can change the settings on your iPhone. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to general settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the reset button, it will give you different options.
  3. Select “reset all settings”.

Now, connect the charger with your iPhone and check the battery percentage after few minutes.

iPhone Hardware Issues and Solutions

If your iPhone has been opened or repaired, possibly it has some internal hardware issue. There is a gas gauge line between the battery and the logic board. Maybe it has some defect. Additionally, there may be a fault in the charging port, dock connector, or logic board.

1. A Missing FL 11

The one major reason the iPhone battery percentage is not increasing is a missing FL 11. The FL 11 is a very small component of the logic board. FL 11 is actually an inductor that has a key role in battery management on an iPhone. Its absence causes the issue of charging.

While connecting or disconnecting the battery, you may damage or remove the FL 11 unknowingly or accidentally. Its location is different in different iPhone models. You can confirm the presence of FL 11 by seeking help from tutorials. If it is missing, you should consult a repairing lab.

2. Replace the Dock Connector

The charging port may be faulty. Clean the charging port and insert the charger properly. Try another charger and power outlet. Maybe the charger, charging cable, or wall power outlet is faulty. If none of these work then check the dock connector and replace it. The dock connector is the hardware component on which the charging port is located.

3. Replace U2 Charging IC

If the FL 11 is not missing from your iPhone logic board then there may be a defect in U2 charging IC. This component has a little role in battery charging but can create problems. The solution is to get U2 charging IC replaced by the iPhone service center.

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4. Replace the Battery

If your iPhone is older and you have used it for a long time, the battery may have run out. Possibly, the battery of your iPhone has lived its life and now has no capacity. So, in this case, it is necessary to replace the battery.

You can consult the Apple Company to get a new genuine battery. If you are confident, you can replace the battery by watching tutorials. However, you should get it replaced by a professional so that you may not harm your device.

Final Words

There is hardly any iPhone user who has not faced the issue of charging. However, it is not a thing to panic. Because every problem has its solution. We have suggested both hardware and software fixes. We recommend that you should try a software fix first. For hardware fix, consult a professional if you have no prior knowledge.

We hope that this guide will help you in fixing your iPhone if it is showing charging but its battery percentage is not increasing. Stay connected and keep visiting our site to get sincere recommendations.

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